Teer Formula Chart – 5 Tricks To Calculate Teer Game Target Number

Playing Teer is really addictive, once people start playing they become very much addicted especially when they start winning. Most of the players think that Teer game is all about luck, yes it’s true but we say it also depends on certain calculations and how you play. If you know the Teer formula calculation of the Teer result then we are sure that winning chance is 80% in Shillong, Guwahati, and Juwai Teer.  So, you must take your time in understanding the calculation of Teer formula chart, as it is the key factor of winning Teer game most of the time you play the game.

teer formula chart

The daily Teer formula calculation tricks will not help you win all the time you play Teer, but if you know about the Teer calculation and professional in trick calculation then there you may win almost all the time you play the game. Concerning all the points that we have mentioned here, below we have shared you the perfect way to calculate and assume the result. Make sure you spend your good time in understanding the Teer game formula and winning.

Teer Formula Explained in detail:

Check out the 5 formulas discussed below to increase the chances of winning:

Trick 1: Checking out the clubs history

The clubs who are organizing teer game are very experts and clever in playing with the number combinations. So you will need to train yourself more cleverly to win Teer game most of the time. So normally you have no idea on how they set the chart of the winning number. But note that if you start researching about the clubs and their result structure, you will be clever enough to assume the exact winning teer number.

Here below we have given the trick of calculating teer result using the history of the clubs and their result from the past three months. So there are 12 clubs in Shillong teer, every day different clubs perform the game, below are the list of the clubs:

  • Wahingdoh
  • Rangbiria
  • Pynthor
  • Bedeiplang
  • Laban
  • Malki
  • Jaiaw
  • Senglang
  • Laikor
  • Kathuplang
  • Laitumkrah
  • Mawlai
  • Every Saturday combing 12 clubs play together.

So after listing down all the name of the clubs, you will also need to collect the past three months result of all the clubs. You will need to get all the detailed information about the result of the following clubs and their playing dates. After you get the graph of all the clubs and their results of the past three months, then you can now start comparing those teer numbers.

For example, if club “X” and club “Y” combination result comes to be F/R=69 and S/R=84 in the first month. So check out all the last three months results when these two clubs “X” & “Y” played in combined and if you find that all the results come to be in the same house. Then you can blindly say that the other time whenever these two clubs are playing in combined, the result will in 60 house and in 80 house. For brief explanation here is the practical explanation:

Supposing if these two clubs results in September month are:

Laban First round Secound Round
Malki 89 64

In the month of October the result of the same clubs are :

Malki First round Second round
Laban 67 81

 In the Month of November the result of the same team combination are:

Laban First Round Second Round
Malki 88 64

So if you find such kind of combinations for any of the club combinations then you can easily tell the exact winning house in another game. For example, here we can easily tell you that the result is going to be in the house of 80 and 60 as simple as that. So if you inquired and found out that the other day both the clubs are playing then you can win the game using this Teer formula.

Note: This is just an example, you will need to collect the exact results of the past few months and check out if the results are same. You will also need to vary the club combinations, as all the clubs don’t come in the same combination again and again. The Teer authority reciprocates all the club combinations once in a week.

Trick 2: Trick calculation of the numbers

In the first Teer method, you have seen how to assume the Teer winning number by looking back to the history of the past three months. But many a time the trick fails to show the result and you end up demotivated. So here we have also shared you about the secret trick number calculation of Teer formula. These mathematical calculations are simple if you try to know it from the beginning. Let’s show you the example to a brief explanation of the trick calculation.

(Note: In this Teer mathematical calculation, you will need to add the numbers from the right hand side to the left hand side. When you get any “One in hand” number then you will need to keep on ending till the end. But at the end if your number is “8+9=17” then you will only put 7 instead of 17 also you don’t keep any one in hand for the next step. Before the end number if you have any “one in hand” number then you can add that, so the number will be 18 and you will only add 8. )

In this mathematical calculation, you don’t need to get the result of the past three months. Simply you will need to collect the result of the last day and the date of the present day. For example, take 60, 54 is yesterday’s teer result and present day date is 21/06/2017. So you will need to calculate the number by keeping them all together.

605421062017                                    Start adding the number on the right-hand side

65963168218                                     For example 8+1=9, 1+0=1 & 2+0=2

7559485039                                        Keep on adding the numbers till you reach to the single number








83                                                          There is 60% chance that the result will be 83, 38

11                                                           This is the house number 10, 30, 80

2                                                            This number is probably the second round ending number.

So this is all about the trick mathematical calculation of Teer Formula chart that you must try out because it works 80% of the time. But there is a believe saying that this method works only when it rains and it has also happened to me. So you can try out your luck, we are sure you will win the game once you become professional in calculating.

Trick 3: Number Booking

Now after knowing perfectly about the number calculating and history check, you may think to calculate the number and book for the next day. According to me, it is a bad practice of booking any number before the game. Here you are going to get some tricks which will help you win the game as many times you play.

  1. First of all, you should never book number for the next day because it will only make you lose other than win. The Teer officials always check out on which number the maximum booking is. So there is always a high chance to lose if you practice booking number for the next day.
  2. While playing you should also make sure that you book the whole for the secondary purpose. Supposing like if you are 70% sure that the result will come in 60 and 40 house then you shall book the whole house. But shouldn’t spend much on the house.
  3. Coming to the primary number that you have predicted. You must always choose ending number up to 3, also choose 5 of those numbers which you think will be the result and go for it with high range.
  4. Also, you must learn to properly forecast the winning numbers. Forecasting number means you will need to predict the ending and the first number of both the halves of the game. While forecasting you will need to make a chart wherein the left hand will be the first row and on the right-hand side will be Second row. Now place your predicted number in both the rows.

Trick 4: Mathematical calculations

This Teer winning number calculation is almost the same as we have shared you in the trick 2. But here you have to take different numbers instead. Here in this trick, you will need to take yesterday’s teer result only and starts your calculation.

Note: Like in the Trick 2 here also you have to keep on adding numbers from the right-hand side and at the end if there is anyone in hand number you have to omit the in-hand number. For example, if the number is 8+9 at the end you will only take 7 instead of keeping 17.

Now, for example, yesterday’s Teer result is 60 in the first half and 88 in the second half the calculation will be as followed.

6088                                       So put both the results in this order

696                                         Keep on adding numbers till you end up with the single number


2                                              So here the expected number is 75, but also you can take 70, 50, 20 house

So this is exactly how you can calculate your today’s Teer result prediction from yesterday’s Teer result. Actually, this is one kind of way which most of the teer professional use to predict their winning numbers.

Trick 5: Dreaming of Number

Yes, you have read it right “dreaming of numbers“. Most of the people who are addicted to playing Teer, most of the time they dream of numbers in their dreams. And plays for the same number in the next day, which is a wrong concept. There are few concepts by which you should play with the numbers you saw in your dreams.

List of what numbers of dreams mean:

0 = 5

1 = 6

2 = 7

3 = 8

4 = 9

So these are the meaning of the number. This might make you feel very confused with all those equals sign. So let me explain you with a perfect example in the below paragraphs.

For suppose, if you have dreamt last night and in your dream, you have seen 62 number most of the time. In the next morning instead of simply going to the counter and booking the exact number you saw in the dream, you shall check out the table of the dream number. You have seen 62 in your dreams and in the number table it says 1 = 6 and 2 =7 which means the result is 17. So the expected number is 17, 71 or you can book the whole house of 10 and 70 or you can go for a number ending with 1 and 7.

shillong teer formula

So this is the exact way you deal with the numbers that you have seen in your dreams. So another time you see any number in your dreams, open our website and check out the table given above and win the Teer game.

So these are literally all the Teer formula tricks that you can use to get the Teer winning number prediction and Teer common number easily. You can try each one of them and check which one actually works with your luck. Each and every trick that we have shared here are very simple, the only thing is that you need to be very careful while calculating using the mathematical tricks of Teer. Besides that, all the tricks are very simple and you can predict the winning Teer number very easily. This is all Best Of Luck for your Teer game hope you win most of the time using this listed tricks in the game.

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  1. Hello sir. I could not understand how 11 after the paragraph of 60% chance. Can you please expalin it to me. Or just a hint if you are busy. Reply will be solely appreciated.

    1. The number 11 came after adding the number 8+3. We have written both the inhand number and the result because at the end you have to calculate in such a way so that there is no inhand number. The number 11 here also represent the house number, as said in the above article.
      Hope the reply will help, comment us back on any queries

  2. Well sir i am new to this game. And i’ve thoroughly gone through your formulas & methods. But i am not sure of from where to start. I mean just going to ticket counter & buy any random number is foolish. So based on what calculations or assumptions do we need to buy a number? What are the step by step procedure until i reach these given calculations. I am avid follower of this website & i have recommended this site to many. Thanking you un advance for your response.

    1. Yes, you are right just booking a random number will be an act of foolishness in this game. So as we have written in the article you can either follow your dreams that you see last night of the game and test your luck. Or else you can start calculating number by checking out on the previous result page (the method for calculation is given above in the article and is clearly stated).
      But after all this game depends on how good your luck is to you. So you shall try testing your luck by jumping from one formula to another.

      I hope this suggestion will help you out and thank you for sharing our website with your friends and share your issues regarding formulas etc. your coment is always expected.

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