Ad Ban – User Reactions to Facebook Crypto currency

From now, users of Facebook are no longer annoyed with the cryptocurrency ad. Initially, the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency offer the adverts to various social Medias. The company has currently banned all the Bitcoin adverts, ICO and on cryptocurrencies. Facebook Ad management team officially announced that the Ad Ban was intentionally broad. Now the user reactions to the Ad Ban of Cryptocurrency from Facebook are quite good for all. Some of the users also raise the question that why Facebook has taken this move to ban the Ad of Cryptocurrencies.

ads ban

Here we want to hold out the highlighted reactions givens by the Facebook users about this operation done by the Facebook Ad management team. Moreover, the Facebook CEO also commented that he only wants to flush out those scammers from his company.

Reactions of the Social Media users:

Depending on this changes made by the team, many users provide the various types of reactions in general. One user pointed that for last many days, many peoples are scammed by this fake ad from ICO. Thus, it is a very much essential step taken by the Facebook management team to Ban the advert related to binary trading, ICO and cryptocurrencies.

Another user reacts that there is good and bad present in stopping the cryptocurrency ads. Generally, Ads are getting the display to earn the money for their profits. However, Ad Ban from Facebook harms the Bitcoin and breaks down 10K $.  It affects the market of the Bitcoin after announcing the news globally. On the other hand, it is good that peoples are not get disturbed by the fake ICO ads given in social Medias.

The Facebook CEO is also currently researching this topic about Ad Ban of Cryptocurrency in Facebook. He will identify the positive as well as the negative aspects of this operation done by the team. He also said that ‘our aim is to provide the peoples a good product and services without any scam and fear.’ This is an intentionally broad program, which is applied to detect the misleading and deceptive ad practices in a better way.

According to the report, it has cleared that, ads that break and violate the rules and regulations of a site will be banned permanently. Further, they will take the more action to Ad Ban in the related sites like Instagram, Audience network, etc. Thus, it has been cleared that in the upcoming days there will be no chance to allow any fraud to happen on Facebook Page.

Final Words:

Most of the Users are now get relaxed from those Ads, which really get start annoying days by days. But, one thing is that the Ad Ban has decreased or broken down the value of Crypto Currencies in the market. Those who are trying to trend with the cryptocurrencies will face problem in the current situations. On the other hand, if we think about the over-all condition then it is very much profitable for the social media users in the upcoming times.

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